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Ireland's The Coronas Hit the Road With New Album

By Martin Russell

While live concert touring is on hold indefinitely due to the coronavirus pandemic, The Coronas are still hitting the road. Well, sort of....

The release of their sixth album, True Love Awaits, was set for July 31, and, eager to engage their army of loyal fans in some direct way, The Coronas celebrated the album’s release by commandeering an ice cream freezer van and driving around Ireland dispensing ice cream while blasting their new album. And with their first U.S. single from the album called “Cold,” and this being National Ice Cream Month, The Coronas and ice cream made a perfect combination for a refreshing summer treat.

Listen to "Cold": HERE

The band teamed with their friends at

Murphy's Ice Cream, a favorite Irish frozen confection handmade in the idyllic fishing village of Dingle in southwest Ireland. The Coronas’ frontman Danny O’Reilly has been self-isolating there during the pandemic-imposed shutdown.

The Coronas toured Ireland in a Super Sprinkles ice cream van painted with the TRUE LOVE WAITS album artwork. They signed copies of the new album and gave away free cups of Murphy’s most popular flavor, Dingle Sea Salt. Murphy’s is known for its natural ingredients, among them farm fresh milk from local Co. Kerry cows and salt derived from Dingle sea water for their signature flavor.

The Coronas’ Ice Cream Van Tour kicked off July 30 with a special afternoon event at Golden Discs record shop in Cork. The next day they played at the Town Square in Mitchelstown in Cork, followed by stops at the famed music venue Dolan’s Warehouse in Limerick and finishing up that evening at the Murphy’s Ice Cream shop on High Street in Galway.

On Aug. 1, they appeared at Murphy’s Ice Cream on Wicklow Street in Dublin’s main shopping area, followed by a stop at the Millpond in Dundrum Town Centre and finishing that evening outside Starbucks in Liffey Valley Shopping Centre in conjunction with Golden Discs. The tour ended on Aug. 3 in Waterford where they visited City Square Shopping Centre and ended up at Dunmore East.

“The tour outdid all our expectations,” enthused Danny O’Reilly. “Not only did we get great promo from it, in the press and on radio, but the turnout from our fans was incredible. We had no idea so many people would come to see us. With current restrictions, and the lack of any events happening in Ireland at the moment, people were so happy and excited to have something going on in their town, and they came out in big numbers!" The album debuted at #1 on the Irish charts.

"Everyone was so appreciative of us coming to their town, it was really lovely. And most had already heard the album and were very complimentary."

"We have no plans as yet for another ice cream tour. It was a great distraction from the lack of concerts for us, but I don’t expect that we’ll do it again anytime soon. Maybe for the next album release!" O’Reilly laughed.

From Left: Conor Egan, Danny O’Reilly, Graham Knox

Photo by Gav Leane


“Find the Water” video:

“Haunted” video:

“Lost In The Thick Of It” video:

True Love Waits Tracks:

1.True Love Waits

2. Never Ending (On Your Side)

3. Lost in the Thick of It (ft. Gabrielle Aplin)

4. I Think We Jinxed It


6. Cold

7. Brave

8.Heat of the Moment

9. Find The Water

10. Need Your Presence

11. Light Me Up

12. LA at Night

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Official Website:

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Sharon Weisz, W3 Public Relations


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