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  • Who is Matthew McClean? 20 INSIDE facts about the IRISH golfer. (

    Matthew McClean (or Matt McClean) is a rising star in the world of golf, and he’s about to make his mark on one of the most prestigious tournaments in the sport – the Masters in Augusta. But who is this young Irish amateur golfer, and what makes him stand out from the crowd? Read more...

  • Where are the most Irish neighborhoods in New York City? (

    Along with Boston, Chicago and Philadelphia, New York City is among the major US cities known for having attracted Irish immigrants over the years. Even among those cities, New York is probably the one that attracts the most fresh-off-the-boat, or plane, expats today. As a result, around the city are numerous "Irish" neighborhoods. Some are formerly Irish that have since been gentrified or are now more associated with other communities, some are historically Irish that have remained mostly Irish American, and others are hubs that attract recently-moved Irish immigrants. Read more...

  • Sinéad O’Connor funeral: singer had a ‘voice that moved a generation' (independent.i.e)

    Sinéad O'Connor has been remembered as a “beloved daughter of Ireland” with “a poet’s heart” whose “voice moved a generation of young people” after her funeral, where U2 star Bono and Bob Geldof were among the mourners.

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